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Blue Mango Innovation specializes in consulting on innovation process improvement and in new business development focusing on the chemicals, materials, and energy industry sectors.

Consulting and Operations

Taking your technology and customer requirements into account, we offer consulting to improve your company's ability to innovate and get new products to market faster.
Improving your ability to innovate

Using a proven methodology we can compare your existing innovation procesess with industry best practices and help you develop a get well plan to develop a world class ability to innovate
Getting the most out of your workforce from structured ideation

Our trained ideation facilitators can help you get the most from your employees using state of the art ideation and team building techniques
Improving individual and team performance using psychometric profiling

We use the Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator to measure thinking preferences. Our certified practitioners will help you get the most from individuals and from teams
Mastering Open Innovation

Our seasoned and highly networked team will help you to get the most from external technologies and best practices
Accelerating new business developmen
We specialize in helping companies find new uses for existing materials including market assessment and validation using our very extensive network. We are extremely familiar with the chemcals, materials, and energy industry sectors
                            Technical Services                    Including a variety of chemical and advanced materials based
                                                                                         services such as synthesis and characterization and IP

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