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Structured Ideation

Getting the most from your workforce through structured ideation

Tapping into the workforce for ideas is a major, and often overlooked, source of new ideas. Many companies do use ideation sessions but in our experience these are often inadequately planned, weakly run, and often lack focus resulting in poorly defined actions .

 Blue Mango Innovation has developed a technique we call "structured ideation" which we believe is a tool that can maximize the value from an ideation session. The technique is based on the following major elements: 
- a structured and well planned approach
- use of highly diverse teams
- a well defined, refined, and agreed problem statement (a problem well defined is half solved, John Dewey)
- a highly structured ideation session that is well facilitated with discipline and focus
- use of "pattern breaking" idea generation techniques that are suited to the problem and the team
- rigorous convergence to actionable concepts

We can help you to run such structured ideation sessions and in the process teach the various techniques so that these can be run by a number of internal facilitators.

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