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Psychometric profiling

Improving Individual and Team Effectiveness using Psychometric Profiling

The famous U.S. General, George Patton, was reported to have said "if we all think alike then no one is thinking". To help companies to improve both individual and team effectiveness we use the Whole Brain approach and Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI). The Whole Brain Model was created and developed by Ned Herrmann while studying the creative process at General Electric CompanyResearch started with large groups at GE and expanded over twenty years with tens of thousands of surveys. Now over 2,000,000 individuals have taken the survey. The HBDI identifies four quadrants of thinking styles directly related to the specialized thinking structures of the brainData and model have been validated with prominent psychometric research institutions.

The HBDI identifies four quadrants of thinking styles:

A. Analyzer – Logical thinking, analysis of facts, processing numbers

B. Organizer – Planning approaches, organizing facts, detailed review

C. Personalizer - Interpersonal, intuitive, expressive

D. Visualizer – Imaginative, big picture thinking, conceptualizing.


The HBDI is used to improve communications, to help maximise team performance and to fit the right person to the right job. Specifically:

· Groups with diverse thinking are capable of significantly greater output than groups whose thinking is alike

· Learning how to manage your mental preferences allows you to more effectively interact with others

· Matching an individuals’ preferences with job requirements can dramatically improve efficiency

 Blue Mango Innovation has certified practitioners of the HBDI technique and can help your company extract more value from your existing resources. For more information on the Whole Brain approach and the HBDI technique please go to

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