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David Phillips

Drawing upon his 18 years of global experience across a wide range of industries, David is a creative solution finder who is passionate about applying the principles of innovation and people-centered design to help organizations tackle "unsolvable" problems and explore new opportunities. 

As a dynamic facilitator and provocateur, he pushes people to stretch their thinking in order to identify alternative solutions.  David firmly believes that one of the keys to innovation is to unleash the imagination and creativity that resides in each of us, and he strives to do just that in his work with small and large groups alike. 

Most recently, David was an internal consultant at Bank of America, helping to create practices and programs to develop a culture of innovation.  Prior to this, he served in a number of roles in public accounting, non-profit, public education, and the U.S. Air Force.  This diversity of experience, in addition to providing some wonder-filled adventures, continues to inform and influence his thinking to this day.
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