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Innovation Improvement

Improving your ability to innovate through Innovation Audits

Many companies strive to improve their ability to innovate but without understanding where they are relative to industry best practices.

 Blue Mango Innovation uses a methodology to understand the position of a company and from this develops a "get well" plan. 

We use a technique based on the levers that we believe can be adjusted to improve a company's ability to innovate. These levers are Strategy, Process, Resources, Organization, and Culture and the methodology is referred to as SPROC

We ask a series of questions in each of the five categories to various individuals across the company. We then collate the responses and relate this to industry best practices. From the response we then propose a phased  "get well" plan to improve the company's ability to innovate. Typically, up to 30 questions are asked and 20 to 30 individuals interviewed though this can vary depending on the size of the company and its requirements.

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