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Howard Jones

Howard is based in the UK and has over 30 years experience of technology and business development within the materials and engineering sectors, gained initially from an engineering group central research environment followed by 20 years as Managing Consultant within Sagentia, a Cambridge based technology and business consultancy, responsible for selling and operating assignments in Europe, North and South America.

Howard’s original background is in Applied Mathematics, gaining a 1st Class Honours from Nottingham University. Subsequent research at Cambridge University on deformation theory led him into materials processing, and later into materials development. He has a track record of innovation, having invented a process for the manufacture of aero-engine components that now has revenues of over $100m/year.  

 Howard works with materials suppliers to identify and develop new opportunities across many sectors, from transport and oil & gas through to hygiene and FMCG.  Equally, he works further downstream for component suppliers and OEMs on product and process development.  

 His past client list includes large corporates, such as Codelco, VW Group, Sandvik,  DuPont, Metso Corporation and Sonoco, public sector agencies such as the European Commission, UK Technology Strategy Board and US Airforce, through to SMEs wishing to exploit novel technologies.     



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